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Self Identification

So you think you are not Jewish? Lots of our members did until they saw the political expediency of self-identification. We will help you find your Jewish roots*. One of our comrades, Phony Greenslime, even has a bunch of special DNA tests he bought in Poundland. (*T&C apply - only open to those who hate Jews Israel).

Yom Kippur day trips

Get bored because there is nobody to troll on Yom Kippur? Join us on our regular Yom Kippur day trip. We begin with a real full English breakfast, and continue over-eating throughout the day. In other over-compensatory behaviour, we always go somewhere nice and have lots of fun. We do guarantee a pre-sunset return.

Basic Jewish talk

Can't tell your kneidlach from your gefilte fish? Never been able to keep down chopped liver? We know it is difficult for self-identifiers who seek to pass off as legitimate Jews. Our very own Jonathan Rosinghad has built a course designed especially for you. Course completion certificate provided

Naqba history

Learn what really happened in 1942, 1948, 1961, when Israel came about. We invite lots of people who really hate Israel to come and talk to us. We guarantee our material is suitable for any campus Apartheid Week and includes nothing that presents the Israeli side.

Free Speech on Israel News

The Stench - a one woman play by Jokelyn Whaker

If you haven't see the play by Jokelyn Whaker, you really should.

In 2009 Jokelyn wrote a book all about her mother and her own upbringing. The word 'Jew' does not appear anywhere inside it. This one woman show, called 'the Stench', details those eight years since 2009. It explains how Whaker has gone from someone who never mentioned Jews, to someone who talks about them all the time.

At Free Speech on Israel, we have all seen the play, well except Leech Levine who was busy. Jokelyn usually plays to a sell-out crowd of about eight people. She is now touring the UK with this play. Tickets can be purchased somewhere. No mainstream Jews Zionists allowed.

If you do want to listen to it now, that's the entire show, you can do so as Free Speech brings you an exclusive that someone else uploaded.

The silent majority - the Anti Zionist Jews

Zionist propaganda wants people to believe there are no anti-Zionist Jews.

This is simply not true. There are a lot of them. We know this, because we all met up in McDonald's in Peckham and it was well busy.

It is important to know that once there were a lot of anti-Zionist Jews in Europe. We can give you quotes from people throughout the 1920's and 1930's, many of them were not Zionists.

There were hundreds of communities in Europe, some of whom believed that Zionism was unnecessary, and that Jews could and should trust their security to other nations. We have tried to contact all these Jews but haven't had any luck. The trail runs cold in the early 1940's. We are not sure why, but be sure that there is a perfectly good anti-Zionist explanation.

Holocaust Denial is definitely a Zionist thing

We accept that some people do share material that isn't very flattering of Jews. Yet we also believe that sometimes the actions of Jewish people do make it difficult to like them.

Take Zionists for example. What right do Zionists have not to meekly be slaughtered? As Jews, we a history of meekly being slaughtered. Why do those Jews think they can be different?

Jewish people cannot go around refusing to die, and then expect non-Jews to like them. It is this stubbornness, a typical Jewish trait, that leads to a rise in antisemitism. As Jews, we need to fight against this stubbornness. Holocaust denial is part of this stubborn trend. Those Jews who fled Europe, 'denied the Holocaust', by refusing to be a part of it.

This is unacceptable and we believe that they should apologise.

Tied to the railings of a vehicle pound

In a daring piece of guerilla activism, Nomi Windbag-Isfishy chains herself to a North London vehicle pound

'It was by accident I stumbled onto the truth' Madrassa explains, 'A chance meeting, at a local anti-Israel Pro-Palestinian event'

The truth was, that Windbag-Isfishy spotted an innocent looking Ford Sierra. As she looked at the car, something seemed amiss. It was then, the number plate stood out, it read 'IL48 NPS'.

Windbag-Isfishy then spent weeks following the owner. Clearly 'IL48' was a reference to Israel, and the owner had to be Mossad. Eventually, she found that as part of his cover as a spy, he pretended to work as a mechanic at the local vehicle pound

In an effort to expose him, Nomi chained herself to the railings of the offices, and demanded that they call the police.

The police turned up and eventually when she felt had made her point, Windbag-Isfishy unchained herself. A true anti-Zionist hero. We contacted the pound, but because of Zionist pressure, they refused to comment

Why self-defining Jews hate other Jews Israel

We don't hate Jews, we hate Israel. There is an important difference. When people say that we hate 'Jews', they forget, that many of us self-identify as Jews.

So why do we hate Israel? We hate it because it is an Apartheid, racist, genocidal, ethnically cleansing, ethnocratic regime. We know that this is true because Ben White, Phony Greenslime, Gilad Atzmon and Khaled Mashal all say that it is and these are all decent peoples. Especially the Hamas guy because he is good mates with our Supreme Leader.

It is also true that Israel is full of Jews, which is another good reason to hate it (only remember that when you explain to people your reasons for boycotting Israel, it is always best to leave that one out).

Another good reason to hate Israel is down to the fact that in 1936, 1941, 1953 a long time ago, they deliberately killed 65 squillion children in an attack on a defenceless village, because the Israeli army sought to uproot olive trees, just before 45,000 pregnant women could use the oil to make falafel, which is a Palestinian and not Israeli food

Anti Zionism is not the same as antisemitism

Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism. It is not the same at all, and if anyone suggests to you that it is, then remind them that it isn't.

Why isn't it? As an example, look at the image above. It uses the word 'Zionist' not 'Jew', so clearly has nothing to do with Jews at all. When it mentions 'frontal money' or 'global domination' lobes, it only refers to those belonging to Zionists, not those belonging to self-defining Jews like me or you.

Also Antisemitism is a hatred of Jews, and Anti-Zionism is a very different word, with different letters, and a different number of syllables. So, if someone accuses you of antisemitism, just remind them you hate Jews as an anti-Zionist and not an antisemite'. See?

To help, at Free Speech on Israel we have created lots of jingles, like 'antisemitism is a crime, anti-Zionism is a duty'. In this way it is possible to understand that when you spell it differently, a dislike of Jews becomes a duty. Which is a good thing.

Anti-Zionism also isn't antisemitism because comrade Phony Greenslime put it in his blog. Which means it is definitely true.

The Phony Greenslime blog

We provide an excerpt from Phony Greenslime's new blog - 'About Settler colonialism in Israel and why it is all about Nazi collaboration'

'Those who think the Labour Party in Israel provides an opportunity for a good partnership with the Labour Party in the UK are forgetting history. To truly understand the problem we need to look back to the Ha'avara agreement of 1933.

On this topic, Ken Livincrony was basically right, Hitler did support Zionists above all other Jews. Did I mention that the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis? We know Hitler supported the Zionists, because I wrote about it last week, and the week before, and the week before that too. I even have blogs from last year on it. So there is indisputable historical evidence to support the claim.

At the same time as Zionists are denying that Hitler supported them (which he did), they also try to obliterate mention of the Bundists, the socialist movement that was especially strong in Poland until the 1940's. Not sure what happened to them all after that, but they probably were dealt with by Zionist collaboration

Don't forget to read my blog next week, when I will discuss important new findings from the 1930's, and will run an exclusive on how Hitler supported Zionism and Zionist collaboration with Nazis'

Conspiracy theories

It would be wrong to say the Jews did 9/11, which is why we don't say it. Comrade Toposh Abu Shame said it a few times, but nobody heard him so it doesn't count.

Jonathan Rosinghad said that both he and Michael Cusheyman need hearing aids, but they don't want to get one because then they might start hearing things that they shouldn't.

People who believe in conspiracies have to understand that some of them, we do not accept. Take 'Jews' running banks. There is no way this can be true because we all know Zionists run banks.

Most of the conspiracies surrounding Jews are in fact, all part of a wider Zionist conspiracy to deflect attention away from their illegal actions. We even have been shown evidence that Zionists killed Jesus, and then using Zionist power, erased themselves out of written history for 1900 years, just so Jews would get the blame.

We also know for example Jews didn't kill Christian children to use their blood to make Matzah. How do we know this? Because none of us at Free Speech on Israel would ever consider eating Matzah. In fact, apart from nine Jews from Stamford Hill, the only people we know who eat Matzah are all Zionists, which once again suggests we are all being manipulated by Zionist forces

Our Jewishness is important

Nomi Windbag-Isfishy tells Free Speech on Israel, what it is like inside a Jewish anti-Zionist household. Nomi begins by telling us about the Labour conference.

'As a Jew, I was given a standing ovation at the Labour Party conference. This makes me important and means I should be listened to. Especially on LBC radio.

As a Jew, I don't actually do many Jewish things. Also, as a Jew, I think it is important to remind people I am a Jew, because as a Jew, it is important my Jewishness is recognised.

It is true that I married out, but as a Jew I think it is important to do so. People who marry 'in', like the son of one of our ex-members are racists.

At Free Speech on Israel, we believe that every Jew should 'marry out'. In my own household I have made sure my child understands that I do not want to see him married in a religious Jewish ceremony. That would be far too Zionist

In fact, at free speech on Israel we will start a petition to ban Jewish people marrying other Jewish people. And we will, as Jews, lobby parliament to ban circumcision. That sort of degenerate, regressive behaviour, breeds Zionists. All of this is said, as a Jew, so I cannot be an antisemite.'