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Anti-Semitism is no more!

This is a cross-post from our friends at 'Jewish Voice for Labour'

by Alin Madysun

Dr Alin Madysun is an Independent Strategist and Associate Member of JVL - 'associate' means he is not Jewish, 'independent' - means we agree with what he says. This was specially written for Jewish Voice for Labour because we told him to write it.

The Zionist controlled Jewish controlled media has been full of headlines about Anti-Semitism being at a record high. For the first 6 months of 2017 the CST reported an increase of 30% to 767 incidents. Not that I give a damn, but such statements must be very worrying for many British Jews. However, having just exchanged yet another long private message with Phony Greenslime, I can now categorically prove that anti-Semitism is no more!

My deep and absolutely 'not-flawed' investigation into the claims of the experts, proves the headlines into anti-Semitism are unnecessarily alarmist.

My findings:

Jewish people are statistically more likely to be abducted by Wombles than they are to experience any form of antisemitism

The increase in reported crimes, is because Jewish Zionist activists keep phoning in fake ones

Jewish people are 50 times more likely to win £10 on the lottery, than they are to die in a violent raciallly motivated attack. Which proves they are lucky and a people of privilege. Either that or Jews Zionists control the lottery like they do the rest of the world.

I pulled together all the statistics on British race crimes, incudling anti-Semitism, and without manipulating them at all, I produced the following graph:

All victim groups showed record high numbers of hate crimes. When you remove the fake reports about anti-Semitism, we see that only Jewish people suffer a negative amount of attacks

Phony Greenslime tells me that because of Zionist collaboration with the Nazis, there used to be some anti-Semitism. So the question becomes, when did anti-Semitism stop? Using my TI-1766 Solar Texas Instruments calculator, I managed to pinpoint the exact moment that all anti-Semitism disappeared.

Event - sponsored by us and some radical publisher we can't be bothered to name

7.00-10.00 Tuesday 31 November 2017 - a good time for self-defining Jews to meet

We will hold the event in SOAS. Why wouldn't we hold the event in SOAS? It is well know that many Jews don't feel comfortable in SOAS. It welcomes extremist speakers, it holds vigils for terrorists, it has many deeply antisemitic students. Hey, SOAS is our kind of place.

A discussion of antisemitism, solidarity, and justice for Palestine

We have to start by saying that Antisemitism remains a real and present danger in our society. We don't really believe it of course, but because this event, like most of what we do, is about enabling antisemitism, we need to begin every description with a remark that hides our real feelings. Once this is done, we can get down to the real business about the way in which charges of antisemitism are mobilised. What this means is that most Jews just won't let us get on with hating them without trying to suggest we have a problem with all Jews. It isn't true of course, we don't have a problem with all Jews. For example, Jews like us, the self-definers, we are okay. It is all the rest of the Jews we have a problem with. Like those who marry in, have their children circumcised, fast on Yom Kippur and so on.

Today, even the definition of antisemitism itself is controversial. Why is it controversial? Because we say it is. And once we say something is controversial, one of the antisemites at the local radio station, newspaper or even on TV, will bring us along to talk about it. Hey presto! It becomes controversial, just like we said.

The event is to mark the publication of the book 'On Antisemitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice' – published by some publisher we cannot be bothered to name and collated by another group of self-definers. This event brings together leading scholars that nobody takes seriously and of course activists, to discuss everything except antisemitism. We will mention it briefly, as we discuss its relation to other forms of racism, but that is only so we have the opportunity to big-up Islamophobia. The rest of the time we will be calling for the destruction of Israel justice for Palestine.


Anthony Leeriman. Remember those leading scholars we promised you? Well, this is him. Leeriman became estranged from most Jews about nine years ago when he began supporting the destruction of Israel. That's when he became a leading scholar. He is very good at suggesting 'new antisemitism' isn't actually a thing. And does it with really, really big words that sound impressive.

Nomi Windbag-Isfishy. Now we are done with the impressively long list of leading scholars, we can move on to the activists. Nomi will be speaking about other racisms, mainly Islamophobia, and about her personal experience of being tied up to a lamppost. She will expect numerous standing ovations throughout her speech

Chair - Michael Cusheyman. Our very own Michael, will give an incredible performance as he acts out a chair. For those that enjoyed his translation of life as a table, and a TV stand, this is not to be missed.

Further speakers to be confirmed. No really, believe us. We sent out lots of emails to potential speakers at our really important event, and we know that many more leading scholars are busy adjusting their schedules just so they can come.

Zionists need not turn up

We are a fully inclusive group to the 5% of self-defining Jewish people we like. If you are from the other group, don't bother. The photo below has been distributed to security, and Jonathan Hoffman will be denied entry. We do this because we believe in Free Speech. That is why we have 'free speech' included in the name of our website, and that is why we deny people entry to events when we disagree with them. Free speech is meaningless unless some people are denied it. This is our way of making sure it stays on the agenda. Anyway, it is Jonathan Hoffman, he is far too Jewish. No, it isn't antisemitism, it is anti-Zionism. An entirely different thing. If you still don't understand, you need to go and talk to Jokelyn Whaker

Balfour 100, partition 70, Joshua about 3400 or so

This article first appeared in some pointless Marxist rag or another

by Michael Cusheyman

The UK Government at the behest of the Israeli Government is asking us to celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. We know this is true because we think that the UK government cannot think for themselves without Jewish Zionist prodding. We all look to the Middle East, to the only free society in the region, and simply do not understand what there is to celebrate. At Free Speech on Israel, we don't have much Jewish prodding. Well, sometimes Nomi prods me, and sometimes I prod her back, but there are only two of us and after a while our arms start to hurt.

One of the benefits of being on the left is that we get to make stuff up to support our arguments. So we have decided Balfour was a bad man. History teaches us that Balfour hated chicken soup and with all the new chicken soup shops opening in the East End of London, he stopped Jews coming to England in 1905. But this didn't solve Balfour's problem. In summer, when the wind comes from the East, Balfour swore that he could still smell chicken soup in the air. He retired to his study and thought long and hard about the problem. For 12 years nobody saw or heard from Balfour. Then, one late Autumn day in 2017, November 2nd to be precise, he emerged from his study waving a peace of paper. 'Peace in our time' he declared. 'We will send the Jews to some random land even further away'. Thus the Balfour declaration was born.

Just why are Jews angry about Antisemitsm?

David Hirsh has written a book that is angry about antisemitism. Our very own Doberah McNobody asks why

by Doberah McNobody

David Hirsh has written a big book about alleged antisemitism on the left. And I read it all. Or most of it. I started about a month ago, but quickly realised I needed to go out and invest in a dictionary, because Hirsh likes using big words, and my normal reading material, like Mondolies and Eloctrinic Splintifada are written by half-wits with really, really limited vocabulary.

Anyway, what struck me about Hirsh's book, was that he doesn't seem to like antisemitism very much, which I find really odd. We did a quick survey here at Free Speech on Israel, and as Jews, we aren't really bothered by antisemitism, so we all think Hirsh should quit talking about it.

Rothschild, money, grant. There I said it. Because we all know as Jews we can talk about Rothschild, money, grant and Hirsh in a sentence and it isn't remotely antisemitic - why? Because as Jews we can say what we like.

The most important part of my review however, is the deflection I am going to use. Because of all the big words Hirsh throws at me, which I still think was really inconsiderate of him, I have to make it look like I am providing a scathing review, when in truth, I am just blabbing on. We do that a lot here at FSOI, because there are only seven of us, nobody reads beyond our headlines, but it LOOKS as if we actually had a proper response. Bla bla dither dither, additional word count... fireworks, Christmas and roast pork on Sunday.

In conclusion then, David Hirsh should write in easier words, and then perhaps here at FSOI we would be able to read the damn thing. Boycott Israel, bla bla bla. Oh, and he should quit being so angry about antisemitism, because there are other things in the world to get angry at - like the price of a dictionary. This is Doberah McNobody reporting for the 'as a Jews', here at Free Speech on Israel

Why Machover is just the latest target of the Zio's, Nazi's Elders Jewish Groups

Over 7 self-defining Jews, and 500 other people have signed our open letter to the Supreme Leader, asking him not to bow to Zionist pressure.

Moshe Machover should not be expelled. Firstly, he is a nice guy, but more importantly he is one of us. If you don't like Israel then you are okay in our book and shouldn't be expelled. Our petition has lots of important signees, people like me, who was once a crap teacher, and am now an ex-crap teacher with too much time on my hands. I do however receive standing ovations because I was born Jewish, hate Israel and people who don't like Jews can hide behind me.

Remember this is all about Moshe Machover, not me, so come and see me the next time I talk about Israel. Oh, and sign the petition - even if you are not Jewish. (We have to add this, because Michael Cusheyman says it will be embarrassing if people see how little Jewish support we actually get)

Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism

Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism. It is not the same at all, and if anyone suggests to you that it is, then remind them that it isn't.

Why isn't it? As an example, look at the image above. It uses the word 'Zionist' not 'Jew', so clearly has nothing to do with Jews at all. When it mentions 'frontal money' or 'global domination' lobes, it only refers to those belonging to Zionists, not those belonging to self-defining Jews like me or you. Also, Antisemitism is a hatred of Jews, and Anti-Zionism is a very different word, with different letters, and a different number of syllables. So, if someone accuses you of antisemitism, just remind them you hate Jews as an anti-Zionist and not an antisemite'. See? To help, at Free Speech on Israel we have created lots of jingles, like 'antisemitism is a crime, anti-Zionism is a duty'. In this way it is possible to understand that when you spell it differently, a dislike of Jews becomes a duty. Which is a good thing. Anti-Zionism also isn't antisemitism because comrade Phony Greenslime put it in his blog. Which means it is definitely true.

Put Palestinians out of work

Help us put Palestinians out of work. Support BDS, because for every success we achieve, some Palestinians families lose their jobs. Just remember how successful we were closing the Sodastream factory in the West Bank. No tears for the Palestinians comrades, we western Marxists know what is best for them.

Deny Palestinians a state

Help us to deny Palestinians a state of their own. We all know Palestinians demand the right to wave their own flag, in their own nation - well we have to stop them. As self-identifying Jews, we want to see Israel destroyed which means we must promote a single secular state for everyone. Living in London gives us a clarity of vision that Palestinian nationalists in Ramallah just don't have. It doesn't matter that no credible political party in Israel or Palestine wants this, comrade Miko Peled and comrade Ilan Pappe support it, so it must be a good idea.

Support terrorists

Help us support sexist, Jew-hating, homophobic, terrorist groups. This is one of our finest moments, when comrade Nomi Windbag-Isfishy spoke at the Al Quds march. See the Hezbollah flag, waving alongside our comrade. With your help, we can make groups like Hezbollah more powerful, until in the end, Lebanon falls to radical Islam and gays, Jews and feminists can be slaughtered. A first step to destroying Israel. We know it sounds harsh, but it is only through these kinds of personal sacrifices (not our sacrifices of course, theirs) that the glorious revolution can come.