The pedagogy of 'Apart-hide'

'Apart-hide' Israel - a Mondolies exclusive

Look at the images above. In the first we can see an Arab and Jew together on the same beach. Clearly Israel is working hard to hide the fact that Jew and Arab are living apart, or what we like to call in the activist field a strategy of 'Apart-Hide'. In the second image, Israel again hides the fact Arab and Jew live apart, by using a propaganda image of a hospital with both Arab and Jew inside it.

By Jonatron Opheeeeer

This Mondolies exclusive smashes this transparent attempt to 'hide' the phenomena of living apart ('Apart-Hide') by exposing the truth behind the propaganda. Take the image on the left. At first glance, it looks like a beautiful example of two peoples living together, with different cultures walking side by side on the beach. Innocent huh? Not for one second do we at Mondolies buy this cheap effort at Israeli spin.

Take the barely dressed Jewish European settler (she is clearly provoking the indigenous people by deliberately displaying so much of her body). Look in her right hand - what do we see? A weapon! Then, look at her eyes, raised skyward, clearly exasperated by the fact she is being forced to share a beach with Arabs. This girl is clearly about to smash the Arab around the head with the weapon, and ethnically cleanse the Arab family from the land. We are certain the rest of the footage, that showed the brutal attack, has been destroyed by Mossad.

The second image is even worse. The Israelis want to hide the 'apartedness', by displaying an image of an Arab and a Jew together. Now look more closely and witness the second class citizenship, that Arabs suffer. As the indigenous Arab is clearly a Doctor, we can assume he is better educated and of a better class of people, than the racist settler he stands next to. Yet the Arab doctor is forced to stand, whilst the Israeli gets to enjoy the comfort of a bed. Look at the pain and suffering in the eyes of the Arab. The true brutal nature of Israel's Apart-Hide on display

Aren't you glad that Mondolies is here to set you straight on Apart-hide Israel? I know that as a Jew, who lived in Israel as a Jew, writing for an online magazine run by other Jews, it is important to see through this propaganda. So here is another image:

Mondolies researchers found ample evidence of brutal racist Apart-Hide Israel in video footage Jewish settlers had carelessly left online. The image on the left, shows how Arabs are forced to perform tricks for their Jewish masters. In this image, in an Apart-Hide show called 'the Voice', Lina Makhoul was forced to spend weeks locked up in a house, whilst Jewish settlers watched the stressful journey with glee. In another attempt to hide their racism, Israeli propaganda agents hired hundreds of thousands of students to phone in, to make sure Lina won the show.

The second image shows how Arabs are forced to do menial labour. The propaganda cannot hide the truth though, and in this image, we can see Salma Fiyumi hard at work, whilst the invader German Settler (who wasn't even a real Jew), relaxes and drinks in the background. In a competition just between the hard-working Arab, and the lazy Jew, that was called 'MasterChef - the Final', the Arab came second, unable to even beat the lazy colonial settler Jew. Undeniable result of second class citizenship for all to see.

Our report concludes that Israel is so good at Apart-Hide, that you see them hiding it everywhere. Almost as if it didn't exist at all. We must all hurry up and boycott Apart-Hide Israel!

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